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OBI Donors Assist in Creation of New Cancer Therapy Serum

Using donor-volunteered plasma, Our Blood Institute has successfully developed a new serum that has incredible life-saving potential for cancer patients.


Our Blood Institute is excited to announce that, after two years of cutting-edge research, OBI has successfully developed a first-of-its-kind serum to be used in life-saving cancer therapies.

OBI researchers have already distributed the first bottle of a reagent that utilizes donor plasma as part of a stimulus needed for the expansion of manipulated white blood cells programmed to fight specific cancers. Only plasma volunteered to OBI’s research team was used for the development of the serum.

This groundbreaking reagent isn’t restricted by plasma retrieved from a particular blood type, either: OBI researchers are able to use plasma from donors of all blood types. Once again, our blood donors are saving lives.

“OBI has always been on the cutting edge of transfusion medicine. As medical treatments have progressed, we now need to be innovative and lead with cell-based cancer therapy solutions,” said Charles Mooney, OBI’s Vice President of Research and Biodevelopment. “As we entered this new field of medicine, we quickly saw there were problems we could use our knowledge and experience to resolve.”

All of us at Our Blood Institute are tremendously excited by the potential of this serum and anticipates that every blood donor in America will be able to join this disease-curing effort soon.