Medical & Hospital Partners

Hospital Partners

Blood products are a vital part of the healthcare system, and we are proud to partner with local hospitals in our communities to strengthen patient care. We proudly provide blood products to more than 244 hospitals across Oklahoma, Texas and Arkansas.

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    Reference Laboratory & Transfusion Services

    The Reference Laboratory provides specialized testing on blood products to identify and supply rare blood products to those in need. Everyone has a specific set of antigens in their blood, some of which can be rare. If enough antigens are present, the patient will require a unit of blood from a donor who matches their unique profile. That’s where we come in!

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      Testing Lab

      With every donation, our diligent laboratory staff performs dozen of tests to ensure blood products are safe and ready to be transfused to local patients. As a fully-licensed and certified laboratory, we maintain the highest standards and lead the nation in applying cutting-edge technology to create the safest blood products possible.

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        Therapeutic Forms

        Your Blood Institute offers therapeutic donations. Some patients who must donate blood for health reasons qualify for free or reduced costs when their blood donation is performed at one of our blood centers. Medical professionals, please use the following forms: