Some medical conditions can cause a build-up of blood in the body, requiring therapeutic blood donation to return to a healthy level. We provide therapeutic donation for patients, as space allows.

While blood donation is generally performed to help others, sometimes it’s medically necessary to help the donor as well. Therapeutic apheresis is a general term for treatments that remove harmful proteins, chemicals or cells in the blood that contribute to disease.

In these treatments, an automated machine separates blood components, removes the harmful component and returns the rest to the patient. This treatment can help those with blood disorders, kidney problems, autoimmune diseases and more.

During therapeutic apheresis, your procedure will be performed by one of our registered nurses (RNs), under the direction of one of our medical doctors. The process takes about 2-3 hours.

Benefit Plans

If you or a loved one needs blood, you can help pay your donation forward using a Donor Benefit Plan. These plans help offset some of the cost of needed blood products, which covers expenses associated with collecting, testing and processing the blood.

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