This Life Brought to You By Blood Donors

Ty Kiser

Ty Kiser was just 15 when he was shot in the chest while hunting. He required blood from 72 donors, and received some of those transfusions while on an air ambulance.

Those blood donors saved Ty's life — and he's come a long way since the accident.

Ty got engaged on June 20, 2020, and was married on July 24, 2021. He remains grateful for the generous donors who helped make that possible.

"You never know when you or someone you know and love might be on the other end of needing blood," he said. "Without blood donors, I would not be here."

Donate blood to help patients like Ty

In hospitals across Oklahoma, Texas and Arkansas, countless patients are currently awaiting lifesaving blood transfusions. Your donation can help as many as three of them. Donate blood today and become a part of their story.