Hospital Partners

Hospital Marketing Toolkit

Thank you for being a partner in our lifesaving mission. Advocates like you are key to ensuring the health of the blood supply for local patients.

Use the resources below to help demonstrate the need for Group O blood donors and spread the word about giving blood. Every post and email you share will contribute to lives being saved.

Also, make sure to follow Our Blood Institute on Facebook (Our Blood Institute), Twitter (@OurBloodInst) and Instagram (@ourbloodinstitute)

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Social Media Images

Use the images and sample text below for your social posts. In your caption, ask your followers to share it, and don't forget to tag us!

A note from the family of a blood recipient

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  • Sample Social Post #1

    O- and O+ blood donors are encouraged to donate now to meet the needs of local trauma patients. Schedule your appointment at or by calling OBI at 877-340-8777.

  • Sample Social Post #2

    Are you negative? You can make a positive difference for local patients! Schedule your appointment at or by calling OBI at 877-340-8777.

  • Sample Social Post #3

    As we have seen an increase in demand at our area hospitals, please donate blood today to support doctors, nurses and patients in our community. Schedule your appointment at or by calling OBI at 877-340-8777.

Email Resources

Below is a sample email header and message for you to customize and share as another platform to deliver your blood drive message.

A graphic encouraging people to save lives by giving blood.

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  • Sample Email Copy

    Donors Needed. YOU CAN HELP SAVE A LIFE! By giving blood with Our Blood Institute, you’ll provide a lifesaving resource used by patients right here at [Hospital].

    There is a pressing need for O- and O+ donors, so please don't miss this opportunity to make a difference. Remember, if you have Group O blood, it's likely that your family members do as well. Please encourage them to donate, too!

    [Insert upcoming hospital blood dlood drive info here.]

    [Add special info here]
    •If you have an employee whose life was touched by by blood donation, share a sample of their story here.
    •If you are providing additional incentives or engaging in friendly competition for the blood drive, describe that here.
    •For a greater impact, you can link to a patient video on our Youtube.

Sample Partner Letter

Download to update the highlighted items with your info, print on letterhead and send to your contacts to help spread the word!

An example letter for soliciting blood donations

Download Letter

Digital Board & Screensaver

Help extend the reach by displaying this image on TVs, screens or boards in high traffic areas.

We are happy to scale this to your digital board dimensions. Email our team for requests at

A graphic soliciting O Negative and O Positive blood donors

Download Digital Board & Screensaver